rotomold design

  • Good idea for a rotomold part, now what?


    Have an idea for a plastic part, but unsure what comes next? Send us your idea in confidence.

  • Rotomold design

    Not sure if your design is rotomoldable?

    Phoenix Rotomoulding will take a quick cursory look at your design for free and determine if the part is rotomoldable, plus determine if there are ways to make the part more cost efficiently.

    We will let you know if rotomold is your best option or if another plastic process is more suitable for your needs.

    If the part is not rotomoldable or made as cost efficiently as we think it can be, we will offer assistance with the rotomold part design for a fee to be determined by difficulty and time for the redesign.

    We will have a list of questions. Please reference our blog post on how to get a good quote if you are not very familiar with this process.

    You can find the blog post on our home page or click -----> Steps To a Solid Quote

  • Steps to a solid rotomolding quote

    Young Ballerinas

    It can be confusing on what is needed to help get a solid and realistic rotational molding quote. We will list some of the steps you can take to ensure cost is within ballpark.

  • Taking cost out of rotational molding design

    cost cutting rotomold

    Rotational molding design feasibility includes not only functionality, but cost effectiveness. We can help you.


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