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  • Good idea for a rotomold part, now what?


    Have an idea for a plastic part, but unsure what comes next? Send us your idea in confidence.

  • Phoenix Rotomoulding

    Custom rotational molding manufacturing plant located within reach of downtown Greenville SC and major highways.

    Upstate rotomoulding shop to bring customer service and help to the businesses looking for rototionally molded products.

    The staff has over 30 years of hands on experience in many different rotational molded parts, for many industries. Experience in all rotomold materials and in rotational mold design.

    30 Years of hands on experince in Rotational Molding manufacturing.

    Phoenix Rotomoulding has only been around for a few years, but the staff has long time knowledge and hands on experience with all aspects of the rotational molding process.

    We are experts in cost cutting design, cutting cost on secondary processes and efficient packaging solutions.

    We are Big on Customer Service.

     We are better equipped to serve our customers with our complete attention to their needs and quality of parts produced.

    The quality of parts and your lead times are just as critical to us as they are to you. We will communicate fully a realistic time table of producing quality made rotational molded parts for you.

    Did we say Rotational Molding?

    That's all we do. We are not spread thin by many different processes or other business interests. Rotational Molding is what we do - period.

    Our attention is on the latest technology, the best techniques and the most efficient and cost cutting design for rotational molding.

    We are a rotational molding manufacturer 100% of the time and dedicated to this process.

    Our rotational molding plant is conveniently located in Greenville, SC with easy reach to most of the east coast and southern states such as South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee as well as part of the mid-west.

  • Rotomold design

    Not sure if your design is rotomoldable?

    Phoenix Rotomoulding will take a quick cursory look at your design for free and determine if the part is rotomoldable, plus determine if there are ways to make the part more cost efficiently.

    We will let you know if rotomold is your best option or if another plastic process is more suitable for your needs.

    If the part is not rotomoldable or made as cost efficiently as we think it can be, we will offer assistance with the rotomold part design for a fee to be determined by difficulty and time for the redesign.

    We will have a list of questions. Please reference our blog post on how to get a good quote if you are not very familiar with this process.

    You can find the blog post on our home page or click -----> Steps To a Solid Quote

  • Taking cost out of rotational molding design

    cost cutting rotomold

    Rotational molding design feasibility includes not only functionality, but cost effectiveness. We can help you.


  • What is Rotational Molding?

    Mirror Wall

    There are various ways to create things out of plastic. Rotational Molding is vastly different compared to the other methods.

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